Best Ways to Hide CBD

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Best Ways to Hide CBD

Although CBD is legal in most states, there are times in which you may want to hide it. While you should always obey the law and not carry CBD where it is illegal, there are situations in which hiding it may be preferable. From not letting strangers or family members know to simply protecting your privacy, there are numerous ways to hide cannabidiol. From CBD capsules to the old-fashioned poison ring, what follows are some common ways to hide CBD.

CBD Capsules
Capsules are so commonplace that they all tend to look alike. This means that you can mix them in with your other medications or even put them in bottles with different labels. After all, a bottle marked with Omega-3 capsules is going to be assumed to be fish oil and not CBD capsules. The only danger comes from those who might accidentally take them assuming its something else, but you can correct that if you disguise it as prescription medications.

Diversion Cans
This is a trick that is used by homeowners to hide valuables in plain sight. A diversion can or box is a common item, such as canned fruit or vegetables for example, that is placed in the cabinet along with similar items. Of course, you will need to keep track of it, but the bottom line is that no one will think to open such a can unless you direct them to do so.poison ring

In addition to you CBD, this is a great way to hide cash or other small, valuable items in the home. After all, how many thieves are going to look in a can of hominy for something valuable?

The hairbrush is an item that few other people will want to pick up. Not only does it have your hair on it, the inside can contain a modest amount of your CBD. Although the hairbrush is arguably the most obvious example, you can use any item that is not associated with storage for your CBD. This means avoiding coffee cans or similar items and instead going for lipstick containers, hairbrushes, and the like.

Poison Ring
When you need to carry a small amount of CBD on your person, the old-fashioned poison ring may be the right answer. The poison ring has been around for many centuries. And while it is most commonly associated with poisoning royalty and nobles in medieval times, its original purposes was to carry spices for food. The same secret compartment can be used to hold CBD oil and used when needed.poison ring

Surge Protectors & Outlets
These are two great places to hide your CBD around the home. Few people will ever think to check an outlet, especially one that is seldomly used. The same goes for surge protectors, although they can sometimes be mistakenly picked up for the real thing.

Whether you choose to hide your cannabidiol in plain sight with CBD capsules or be discrete and use a poison ring, there are many options that are available. Just remember that you should obey the law when it comes to where CBD may be used or carried.

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