Medical Marijuana Manufacturing Facility Moving Forward in Jersey City

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Medical Marijuana Manufacturing Facility Moving Forward in Jersey City

marijuana companiesNew Jersey attracted a lot of attention in the past years, mainly because of the constant debate revolving around legalizing marijuana. Governor Murphy paved the path to the industry’s growth as we see it today. He attempted to legalize recreational or medical marijuana while allowing New Jersey marijuana dispensaries to use such products as alternative treatments for various ailments. Indeed, this legalization process is still undergoing, and it is somewhat slower than the Governor initially predicted.

But we can see that New Jersey attracts many manufacturing facilities in the area. Take as an example of the events that took place in 2019. There was this area in Jersey City meant to be transformed in a bowling alley. Yet, this industrial park was explored and evaluated, so that it might be deemed eligible as a medical marijuana manufacturing company. And the resolution offered by the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency or JCRA was that the complex might be suitable for cultivating, manufacturing, processing, and distributing cannabis under s license for medicinal uses.

The marijuana manufacturing facility moving to New Jersey is believed to be Nuka Properties, LLC, and it will be operated by an affiliated marijuana company named Liberty Plant Sciences. There were some controversies around this major manufacturer as the LLC is not mentioned in the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services database. Anyhow, their official press release states that they are planning to use the land allocated to their marijuana company so that they create an exquisite cultivation and manufacturing facility.

marijuana companiesAnd this major marijuana company aims to reinvent the manner in which one purchases medical marijuana or CBD edibles. They aim to include a visitor’s schedule, meant to allow buyers or potential buyers to visit the marijuana manufacturing facility. And we can say this is an excellent addition to this industry, as many interested customers will want to see how their products were made. Also, it is believed that this open policy towards the public will assure everyone that the quality standards for New jersey marijuana products will be followed accordingly.

Overall, New Jersey experienced a boom concerning marijuana companies that moved their headquarters in the nj marijuana dispensaryarea. They all want to benefit from the new legislation, which will allow a faster process for receiving a license.

Also, even though there are plenty of restrictions, everyone expects the events that will take place by the end of 2020. The legislative process is believed to offer additional benefits for both New Jersey marijuana dispensaries and marijuana companies. And consumers are more than happy with this new approach. A new and well-designed marijuana law will enable providers to follow all the industry standards so that public safety concerns will be kept at a minimum. Hence, 2020 will most likely transform New Jersey into a form of Silicon Valley for marijuana companies.

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