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For all of you wondering what this is actually CBD Nasal spray or Nasal decongestant is one of the most fastest and convenient way to add CBD in ones body and bloodstream through the nose. Nasadol’s CBD Nasal Spray is one of the most talked about spray in the market! 

It’s simple! All you have to do is spray it in your nose so that the particles of the water soluble CBD in the spray can directly transfer to your brain and be much more effective and efficient than the other CBD product categories like edibles and oils. 

For someone who is using the nasal spay for the first time, it is absolutely crucial to follow the following steps: 

Step 1: Twist off the cap. 

Step 2: Shake the bottle 

Step 3: Pump the spray in the air until the perfect amount of mist comes out. 

Step 4Tilt your head forward and breathe calmly.  

Step 5: Now place the head of the spray just below your nostril and compress the spray.  

Step 6: Sniff in.  

It is very important to NOT TO SNORT or place the head of the spray uncomfortably inside your nostrils.  Nasadol’s CBD Nasal Spray contains only Cannabidiol, there is no trace of THC in this spray.  nasal spray

Nasadol offers the spray in two different dosages of CBD: 

  • The 400 mg bottle has 2mg of Cannabidiol per spray. They have also added limonene, to add a fragrance and flavor of citrus and lime in the end. This dosage is suitable and highly recommended for those who need a CBD effect fast and urgent. 
  • The 200 mg bottle however has 1mg of Cannabidiol per spray. This is Nasadol’s original bottle in which they have also added a hint of menthol and vanilla essence.  


If it is taken exactly by following the above mentioned steps then you are likely to feel a sensation and flavor, which is of lime. This is due to the limonene present in the bottle. After around 10 minutes, you will feel it actually kicking in.  nasal spray

You will feel relaxed and calmer than the usual self. 
For someone who has tried CBD oils and Vaping, this method of CBD consumption is far stronger and impactful. It will provide you with an instant relief from anxiety, sadness and offer a sense of peace and tranquility. Not only does it elevate ones mood but it also has anti bacterial and antifungal properties.  

Other than giving instant relief from anxiety, depression and giving an instant lift to the mood, studies have shown that CBD nasal sprays are much more efficient and have proven to work like magic!  

The ora way of consuming CBD has its own risks, for instance vaping comes with risks attached to the lungs and pills on the other hand take time to digest, hence, lessening the impact. Nasadol’s Nasal spray is a direct gateway to the brain and the blood stream, showing results within minutes of usage!  


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