Woman fired for using CBD

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Woman fired for using CBD

A woman from North Carolina named Jane Smith recently stated that she was fired from her job due to the usage of an over the counter oil, which has CBD as an active ingredient. The world we live in is accepting the usage of CBD products for medicinal purposes and recreational purposes. Hence, it is worthy to take a look at the claims made by this woman and understand what made the officials go ahead and make such a decision. We thought of getting in touch with the wrongful termination attorney who is helping this woman to get back her longtime job or a reasonable claim for what she had to face.

Jane Smith has been dealing with chronic pain resulted from fibromyalgia. That’s where she noticed that a CBD oil can provide her with the opportunity to overcome the pain and frustration that she is going through. Upon getting to know about this product, she went ahead and purchased it. She could purchase this product without any difficulties because using CBD for medicinal purposes is allowed within the state. It delivered positive results to her with overcoming the pain as well. However, she was tested positive for having CBD in her body and she was fired by the management.cbd edibles

Jane worked for the company as a reliable, loyal and a respected employee for 14 long years. This decision came as a surprise to her. In that situation, she had no other choice than to go ahead and seek the assistance of a wrongful termination attorney.

As per Jane, she has been requested by the company to go through a medical test, when she hurt her hand at job. After the incident, Jane was asked to visit an urgent care center in the neighborhood and provide a urine sample. The urine sample proved the fact that she had CBD within her body. That’s where things worked against her.cbd edibles

CBD edibles are extremely helpful for the people who are dealing with chronic pain. In fact, they are able to help people overcome pain and reduce anxiety. This provides them with a better sleep at the end of the day as well. The best thing about using CBD edibles or any other CBD product to overcome chronic pain is that it can deliver positive results without the frustrating side effects that come along with prescription medicines. The product that Jane used can easily be purchased over the counter without a prescription. It is also available on the leading online stores as well.

At the lawsuit, Jane clearly stated that she has been open with her supervisors about the health problems that she had been dealing with. In addition to that, she also said that she got the verbal approval from supervisors to use the CBD product because of its ability to deliver positive results without any side-effects. When Jane started taking the CBD oil, she could stay away from prescription medicine.

Jane was shocked to hear the news from hospital about her urine sample. In fact, the hospital has said that there is THC present in the urine sample. However, she still didn’t have a high THC level, which would keep her away from driving on the roads of the country.cbd edibles

The wrongful termination attorney is currently appealing on behalf of her. Along with that, she will be provided with the opportunity to continue with her job. In the meantime, the officials will be able to get a better understanding about the circumstances that Jane has been going through. Hence, she will be able to continue using the CBD product to overcome her chronic pain and she will not have to experience a termination in the future.

Since more and more people are taking a look at CBD products to overcome chronic pain and many other related health conditions, it is important for the employers to be mindful about this situation. They need to make sure that employees are provided with the freedom to use CBD for medicinal purposes. That’s because CBD products are effective when treating certain health conditions. Then the employees will be able to continue with those medications and experience positive results that come on their way.

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